Boxing bandages Everlast 3 meters

100 UAH

Real bandages from the Everlast trademark are made of natural cotton with the addition of spandex. This combination of materials allows them to stretch a little, while maintaining a high bandage thickness, which will securely fix the hand and knuckles.

The length of these bandages is 3 meters, which is more than enough in most cases. Will fit most boxing and shell gloves.

We recommend using a bandage for every workout, especially if you are working with heavy pears or bags. This will prevent injuries to the wrist and waste the life of the equipment.

Bandages characteristics:
Color: blue, red, black
Made of cotton with spandex.
Elastic bandages.
The length is 3 meters, which will suit most athletes.
Used to protect the knuckles and wrist.
Produced by Everlast.