Fight Ball Everlast

200 UAH

The FIGHT BALL trainer is designed for combat sports athletes who want to increase qualities such as:

Fightball Everlast - The best analogue on the Ukrainian market. Double adjustable elastic band + improved Velcro headband for any head size.
Elastic length - 60 cm

While training with the simulator, you simulate a fight with a real enemy, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the training.

Many professional athletes from the martial arts world use these machines in their training. Vivid examples from boxing are Kostya Tszyu, Vasily Lomachenko and others.

If we talk about the principle of work, it consists in the fact that you hit the ball, it flies from you in any direction or directly depending on which point of the ball you hit, and then flies back. You need to have time to react to the object flying at you and again to repulse it. The harder you hit, the faster the simulator flies towards you.

Accordingly, this "have time to react" is the time spent on the reaction. Accuracy is gained by the fact that you have to hit the ball. You hit exactly the center of the ball, the ball flies straight. Improving coordination is practicing hitting the ball and at the same time moving around the hall, room, depending on where you train. + you can train peripheral vision, well, this is already an advanced option, for example, you look at the monitor screen where something is shown, for example, a movie is on and you work out with a simulator.

In addition to basic fighting qualities, such as reaction, accuracy, coordination and a sense of distance, the simulator also develops such qualities as:

- development of general coordination of the shoulder girdle
- training of the eye in accordance with the movements of the hands, deviations of the athlete's body and fluctuations in the target
- working out the exact reaction of the hands and body in dynamics when the target (ball) moves
- gymnastics of eye muscles, neck muscles and arms in the proposed system of spontaneous coordinates
- developing the speed of the athlete's reaction to the movement of the target
- intensification of blood circulation in people of borderline age category
- improvement of general coordination in space and endurance of the trainee's organism, skills of operational orientation